On-Site SharePoint Training

Knowledge at an affordable price

Invite us to train your Staff for interactive SharePoint trainings at your location

Why send your employees to off-site training sessions that cost over $2000 per person plus travel expenses if you could invite our SharePoint instructors to your facility for a fraction of the cost? Our On-Site SharePoint Training program will bring our full classroom environment to your site and mold our training delivery to meet your SharePoint taxonomy and address technical how-to SharePoint questions specific only to your organization.


What classes are offered for On-Site SharePoint Training?

In addition to being able to customize a SharePoint training for your organization, all classes listed on our website are also offered for a scheduled on-site training. We can mix and match it depending on your organization's training needs. To see all classes we currently offer, please click here. If you need anything outside the scope of the listed classes, please feel free to contact us and we'll be more than happy to address or build a customized training course for you.


What resources are provided during training?

Unless agreed differently, our SharePoint instructor will provide the necessary training materials and equipment to conduct a successful hands-on SharePoint training session at your site. This includes but not limited to a projector, the required number of SharePoint servers for the training, and a pre-configured laptop for each of the registered students for a nominal feel. One request that we ask, however, is for you (our customer) to provide a classroom-like environment large enough to accommodate all registered students.


How to get started and how does it work?

A good rule of thumb is to contact us three to five weeks in advanced so that we can better accommodate your desired training dates and give us enough time to sort out any training detail requirements.

To make this program feasible, a minimum of 6 students must be registered per class and lasting at least 7 to 8 hours of SharePoint training session per day for two consecutive days. An exception to this requirement can be made depending on the size of the class and training requirements. Please contact us to inquire.

There are two approaches in reaching out to us for an On-site SharePoint Training:

  1. Contact us now and we'll be more than happy to gather a training program specifically built for your organization.
  2. Browse our list of classes here and add the ones your organization may be interested in to the shopping cart. When an item is added to your cart, the Check Out link at the top navigation bar will appear. Once all desired classes has been added to the cart, click the Check Out link and fill-out the registration form. To provide us a ball-park figure of the class size, the number of students per class may be adjusted on the registration page. Any other comments, inquiries, and requests should also be added in the text box or provided as an attachment along with your Registration Form. Then, just click Send Email button to finalize your registration!


How much will it cost?

The total length of the requested training period, the size of each class, and minus any applicable discounts determines the minimum cost for the requested on-site training service. To get a general quote for an on-site training, view the list of classes posted on our website and add classes into the shopping cart, click the Check Out link from the top navigational bar and update the seat column to reflect the estimated number of students to be registered. The Class Cart Tracker located above the class listing on the right side displays the projected total for the on-site training.

In addition to the cost described above, a flat travel fee of $550 plus a $44 rental fee per laptop is added.

For SharePoint training currently not listed or scheduled in our class listing, please contact us.

For a limited time, we currently offer the following special promotional discounts:

  • Small Business Discount - 10% Off
    • Qualified business with 25 employees or less.
  • Government Discount - 15% Off
    • Any government entities such local, state, federal, energy, DoD, DoE.
  • Non-Profit Discount - 10% Off
    • Any non-profit organizations including college institutions, private schools, and public school districts.

To avail for any of the discounts above, please mentioned them during your on-site training registration.