SharePoint End-User Support

Give your employees the SharePoint assistance they need

What is SharePoint End-User Support?

Our SharePoint End-User Support is a daily SharePoint assistant service designed to extend our SharePoint Specialist staff to organizations like yours to help empower SharePoint users and maximize your return of SharePoint investment using SharePoint's powerful out-of-the-box functionalities. With a SharePoint Specialist on your team, your employees can delegate SharePoint responsibilities to us to assist in impending deadlines, configure web parts for leveraging features, customize and secure list and libraries, manage sites and permissions, and much more. Partnering with us will help your employees focus more on what they do best.


Who benefits from this service?

Below are some requirement scenarios that may benefit from this service:

  • Organizations with underutilized SharePoint Sites
  • Organizations, groups or teams or employees adapting to SharePoint technologies
  • An overwhelmed group or team requiring assistance in managing their SharePoint Sites
  • Organizations or businesses with limited budgets for a SharePoint Specialist
  • Any organization requiring a Content Manager with heavy SharePoint background


How does the service work?

On the agreed starting date for this service, a designated certified SharePoint Specialist will be assigned to your team (or organization) and perform all SharePoint tasking defined in your choice of service plan. To view a list of service plans, please login and click here. Our SharePoint Specialist will work off-site as an integral member of your team for the duration of your request. While working for your team, our SharePoint expert will assist in managing your SharePoint sites, attend meetings as required, and identify and leverage key SharePoint out-of-the-box features and functionalities that will optimize your business process.

For your SharePoint Specialist to be able to perform any task, a designated SharePoint account must be created and provided to us with the appropriate permission levels. In addition to the above requirements, a VPN access may be required for Intranet SharePoint portals and possibly a digital-certificate from a keyfob, a smart card, USB with a digital certificate, or a CAC Card for Extranet SharePoint sites with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enabled.


What is included in the service?

During the period of your contract, your staff may request your designated SharePoint expert to perform SharePoint related tasks to assist in impending deadlines or request a one-on-one SharePoint online training tailored to their needs. Such SharePoint assistance can provide support in the maintenance of your sites and provide a one-on-one tutoring upon request, including but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Sites Creation and Deletions
  • Management of Lists and Libraries, including the following categories:
    • View Customizations
    • Metadata manipulations with columns and content types
    • Implementation of Versioning
    • Enabling the appropriate out-of-the-box Workflows
    • Utilization of Information Right Managements
    • Incorporation of Information Management Policy
    • and much more..
  • Management and incorporation of Content Types using Site Columns and Site Groups to sub-sites.
  • Page customization using Web Parts for both Share View and Personalized View.
  • Manage User Permissions and Groups
  • and support on how to make the most of My Sites

To see a list included in this service, please login and click here.

How much will it cost?

To make the service affordable to all sizes of organization, we have learned to make our rate flexible by allowing you to decide how many hours to purchase per day for the duration of the service plan of your choice. To learn more about our rates and the detail of this service, please click here and login.

We also offer a SharePoint Farm Administration Support where we manage and maintain all your SharePoint Central Administration tasks and a SharePoint Customization Support service where we take on the non-code SharePoint development approach for your organization.