SharePoint Farm Administration Support

Leave your SharePoint Farm Administration to a trusted expert at an affordable cost.

What is a SharePoint Farm Administration Support?

SharePoint Farm Administration Support is a service that caters to small, medium, and large businesses that extends our in-house certified SharePoint Configuration Specialists to perform SharePoint Administrative duties remotely for your organization.


Who benefits from this service?

Below are some requirement scenarios that may benefit from this service:

  • A team of engineers utilizing SharePoint in their development environment
  • Institutions running large SharePoint Farm, thus requiring additional administrative support
  • Organizations or businesses with limited budgets for a full-time SharePoint Specialist
  • A business company requiring assistance due to deteriorating SharePoint environment performance

How does the service work?

On the agreed starting date for this service, a designated certified SharePoint Specialist will be assigned to your team (or organization) and perform all SharePoint tasking defined in your choice of service plan. To view a list of service plans, please login and click here. Our SharePoint Specialist will work off-site as an integral member of your team for the duration of your request. While working for your team, your new SharePoint Expert will assist in growing, maintaining, and performing administrative SharePoint duties at the SharePoint Farm wide level.

For our SharePoint experts to be able to perform any support task, a designated SharePoint account must be created and provided to us with the appropriate permission levels. In addition to the above requirements, a VPN access may be required for Intranet SharePoint portals and possibly a digital-certificate from a keyfob, a smart card, USB with a digital certificate, or a CAC Card for Extranet SharePoint sites with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enabled. To maximize our support, a domain account with the appropriate permissions may be required to perform command line executions such as the STSADM.


What is included in the service?

During the period of your contract, your designated SharePoint Farm Administrator will perform all tasks that are configurable to your existing SharePoint Central Administration Site as well as in your Shared Services Provider. Below are some of the most common features that will require constant maintenance and update:

  • Service Pack updates
  • Install and management of third-party features
  • Web Application and Site Collection managements
  • Managing Content Deployments
  • Managing InfoPath Form Services
  • Managing Search Scopes
  • Managing Targeted Audience
  • Managing Excel Services settings
  • Configuring and managing Business Data Catalog
  • Configuring and managing Single Sign-On settings
  • Configuring Farm-wide security related tasking (e.g. block file types, update virus definition, etc.)
  • Perform User Profile import jobs and field customizations
  • Acquire and present log data
  • User Migrations
  • Usage of STSADM
  • and much more...

To see a list included in this service, please login and click here.

How much does the service cost?

To make this service affordable to all sizes of organization, we have learned to make our rate flexible by allowing you to decide how many hours to purchase per day and the duration of the service. And as always, the longer the contract, the lower the service fee becomes.

Please contact us for special rates and details.