List and Libraries: Beginners

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In this class students will learn the basic & essential components of SharePoint frequently used in the workplace. Learn about different types of List and Libraries, document Versioning, Alerts, integrate RSS Feeds with the List & Libraries, and how to use all of them to organize and simplify your job.


Class Syllabus

The following topics will be covered in the class as well as discussions on best practices:

  • Introduction to List and Libraries
    • Different varieties of List and Libraries
  • List and Libraries functionality
    • Add, Delete, and Edit items in List
    • Create and Upload items to a Library
    • Sort items in the List using custom views
    • Check in/out documents to/from a Library
  • Introduction to Versioning
  • Workflow integration with Library
  • Alert
  • RSS feeds
  • Connect List and Libraries to Microsoft Outlook

Class Location

Interactive Online Training

Class Notes