Operations: Administrative Tasks

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In this class students will learn how to manage the server/server farm, such as changing the server farm topology, specifying which services are running on each server, and changing settings that affect multiple servers or applications.


Class Syllabus

The following topics will be covered in the class as well as discussions on best practices:

  • Intorduction to Central Administration - Operations
    • What is Central Administration?
    • What does Central Administration - Operations do?
    • Servers in farm
    • Services on server
    • Outgoing/incoming e-mail settings
    • Approve/reject distribution groups
  • Security Configurations
    • Service accounts
    • Antivirus
    • Blocked file types
    • Update farm administrator's group
  • Global Configurations
    • Timer job status and definitions
    • Master site directory settings
    • Site directory links scan
    • Alternate Access Mappings
    • Manage farm features
    • Quiesce farm
    • Solution management
  • Upgrade and Migration
    • Enable Enterprise Features
    • Enable features on existing sites
    • Convert license type

Class Location

Interactive Online Training

Class Notes