SSP and MySite Part 2: User Profiles & My Site Con

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In this class students will learn to organize and display user properties as well as documents, pictures, and other items related to each individual MOSS 2007 user profiles. Students will also learn how to import user profiles from Active Directory to MOSS, publish links to Office client application, how to setup My Site in SSP and use it as a personal central location to store documents, links and contacts.


Class Syllabus

The following topics will be covered in the class as well as discussions on best practices:

  • User profiles and properties
  • Profile services policies
  • MySite settings
  • Trusted My Site host locations
  • Published links to Office client applications
  • Personalization site links
  • Personalization services permissions
  • Export User Profiles from Active Directory to MOSS
    • Full import
    • Incremental import
  • MS Identity Lifecycle Manager

Class Location

Interactive Online Training

Class Notes