SharePoint Training

IT Command Systems offers a large number of hands-on SharePoint training. All courses are taught at the granular level, discussing best practices, presenting real-world scenario challenges, and providing an unsurpassing high quality interactive hands-on training both online and off-site.

From our years of experience working with SharePoint Technologies, we understand that all organizations must meet specific requirements when it comes to arming their employees with high quality training on a limited budget. While training is "a must" for most and "a nice to have" for others, we make sure that our training courses and services are affordable to all organizations so that their employees can leverage company resource, such as a deployed SharePoint environment. To make this happen, we have broken down the course at the granular level providing topics for the most commonly sought out tasks. The result is a dramatic increase in the number of inviduals leveraging SharePoint for their organizations.

Our course listing is categorized by SharePoint job functions as listed below. To learn more about each of the class categories and view the available corresponding class listings, select from one of the links below:

Class Categories

  1. Site Members / Contributors
  2. Site Owners and Advanced Users
  3. Site Collection Administration
  4. SharePoint Farm Central Administration
  5. SharePoint System Administration
  6. SharePoint Development

In addition to the number of training classes listed on our website, we also offer a short-term On-Site SharePoint Training and a long term Company SharePoint Training Support with flexible and customizable training course, conducted b our instructors at your facility. This training program can be molded to your organization's requirements and usually offers better pricing for medium to large groups. Please contact us to receive more information about this program.